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Church – The Body of Christ
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For many of us, the Church we belong to no longer has a God-given purpose. Many people see the Church as just a place where we can find some peace of mind that is otherwise lost during the week, due to a crowded lifestyle.
We have been taught to believe that what is generically called the Church is a place where people with common religious preoccupations gather. It is a place where they sing, pray, listen to a sermon, and socialize a little after the program, after which everyone goes back to their personal concerns and interests.
A very small number of members have the job of carrying out this program. The vast majority of members are in the position of being spectators of these religious programs, their job consisting of being present/sitting on the bench, and participating with a certain amount of money for the needs of the congregation.
Thus, in these gatherings, the ordinary member is just a simple consumer, nothing is expected of him, the participation/presence in the congregation being his only task.
Reality shows us that quite a few members do not even come to these religious programs anymore, the buildings being quite empty for certain worship services. In many cases, its members only know each other by sight.
Perhaps until today you did not have, like many others, any involvement in the Church that you are a member of, and you were not aware that each member is put by God in the body for the use of other members. (And to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the benefit of others. 1 Corinthians 12:7)
It probably seemed normal that only a small group of brothers are involved in the Church. Perhaps you found it natural that many who do not attend the services/meetings for months or even years, still remain on the list as members.
Today more than ever, in order not to be deceived, it is necessary that we carefully examine what the Word of God tells us about the place we must have in the Church of Christ.

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